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Atlanta Hawks News & Notes From Charlotte

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Ken Sugiura on Josh Powell's suspension:

Coach Larry Drew would not go into details, saying only that he and Powell had a "conversation" after the game, and then Drew made the decision to suspend Powell.

Not surprising that there has been virtually no information regarding this incident as most teams will try their best to keep it in house. Will be interesting to watch and see if this seems like an isolated incident or is the start of something more. 

Sugiura updates us on Al Horford and Marvin Williams:

Forwards Al Horford (ankle) and Marvin Williams (back contusion) did not make the trip to Charlotte. Drew said the swelling in Horford's ankle has subsided, but he was still feeling soreness. Drew was hopeful Horford would be ready for the Milwaukee game, but called Williams' condition "day to day."

I hadn't thought about it but the Hawks have been stricken with back injuries this season. In addition to Marvin Williams, Jamal Crawford has missed time as well as Pape Sy who was sidelined for all of training camp and most of the first part of the regular season. 

Bret LaGree on Josh Smith, jump shooting, and rebounding: 

We're at the point when Josh Smith using 5 of 14 field goal attempts on jump shots counts as a measure of self-discipline, though it's a bit disappointing that Smith has not increased his contributions on the glass in Horford's absence, his 16 points on those 14 shots provided Johnson ample support in the scoring column, though.

Sugiura on the Red Uniforms, injuries, and last year's pace:

Hawks are 4-0 in the red uniforms this year. Seventh different starting lineup this year. Despite Johnson missing nine games, Crawford missing six, Horford missing two, Williams missing 15 and Mo Evans missing eight, the Hawks are one game behind their pace from last year, when they had near perfect health.

In my mind, Larry Drew deserves a lot of credit for this. 

David A. Arnott of Charlotte Blog Rufus On Fire on Stephen Jackson's performance:

Stephen Jackson has the potential to be so much better than he is, if only he'd take fewer shots. Maybe NBA basketball teams have to have someone be the focal point of the offense, and it's too much for a team to evenly spread the ball around (ask the Celtics?), but this team is dying for that. Jack could reinvent his career as a defensive stopper, occasional three point shooter, and court-runner, a super-powered Matt Barnes. And that would be better for him and for his team. But he's hooked in to shooting. Note, also, that we're just going through the same cycle every other fan base has gone through with him.