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Initial Reaction: Hornets 100, Hawks 59

Quick Thought: The shots wouldn't fall. The sun was in their eyes. The dog ate the gameplan. 


No matter the excuse for the lack of everything tonight, the Hawks are not good enough to stand around, especially against a defense that is 4th in the league in Defensive Efficiency and 2nd in Defensive rebounding percentage, and jack jump shot after jump shot.

Yet, as the first quarter unfolded, it was clear that the Hawks were going to do just that. Oh sure, Kenny Gattison claimed that wasn't the gameplan, that the team was told how good New Orleans was in the defending a single side, a la Boston, but apparently the on court talent had other ideas.

After all the Hawks were without Al Horford, their lone post know, since Josh Smith is now a full time perimeter player. Why Smith decided that, especially with Horford out, the team would be better served with him continuing to stand on the perimeter and launch, is something Smith will have to answer to, if there is anybody who could make him listen to the question. So why not launch a bunch of jump shots? 

The Hornets attacked, moved the ball, and Chris Paul scoffed at the notion that Maurice Evans was in there to stop him. All the while the Hawks stood, held the ball, shot from the outside, slapped at the Hornets instead of moving their feet, and reaped the embarrassing harvest of their efforts.


There's little else to say...the Jordan Crawford steal/slam was nice, but the rest of his play in garbage time left the obvious impression that he needs a lot more work. 

Mike Bibby's three point streak ended at 27, despite getting many good looks. But it wasn't just him, the way the Hawks were going, I think they shot 22 percent in the pre-game warmups. 

Silver Lining:

We got a good look at the highly anticipated Teague/Jordan Crawford/Wilkins/Evans/Thomas lineup.

Al Horford's MVP stock just went nuclear.

The Hawks scored the lowest ever for an Atlanta Hawk squad, but Jordan's 3 kept the franchise's 56 year old mark (57 for the St. Louis Hawks) intact. Huzzah.

The stench can be erased in a single day, with the game in Charlotte tomorrow night. Let's hope.