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Larry Drew reminds us he's new at this

From The Real MC's Practice Report yesterday (emphasis mine):

Drew said he doesn't even look at the standings: "Just tell me when our next game is and we get prepared for it." But at some point the Hawks will have to start thinking about positioning.

"When do I look at it? I don't know," L.D. said. "This is my first time being in this position. After the All-Star break and after that long trip, I know we have a favorable home schedule in March. I am sure at some point I will start looking at it."

Remember this when we scratch our heads and wonder why Drew doesn't "see" things and make adjustments that seem to be common sense to us.

How many situations is Drew going through as the main guy for the first time? It's likely a number between 27 and 2,354,546.

Exit Question: Estimated time for withdrawal of The Horford Treatment?