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Filed under: Al Horford is a better clutch time player than Joe Johnson.

Well, what do you know? has clutch stats on their site for 2010-2011 and lo and behold, look who is the top Hawks clutch player: Al Horford.

They define clutch time as 4th quarter or overtime, less than 5 minutes left, neither team ahead by more than 5 points.

Hit the link, and tweak the chart any way you want it (that's the way you need it), and you'll discover more of the awesomeness that is Al.

Now, if we can only get Larry Drew, Al's teammates, and, heck, even Al himself to recognize, maybe we'll get somewhere.


Some of the items I spied with my own little eyes:

Per 48 minutes of clutch time, Al was first on the team in points, rebounds, and field goal percentage (.667!),

Al was third on the team, well behind Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, in attempts.

Mike Bibby was first on the team in +/-, both in actual and per 48 terms, and has a very nice 6.3/0.9 assist to turnover ratio late.

Johnson and Smith take the most shots and shoot the two worst .381 for Johnson on almost 23 shots, and a ghastly .333 for Smith on about the same.

Johnson is 5th worst in turnovers, though he has great company ahead of him.

Jamal Crawford actually takes less clutch time shots than Al. And he is #1 on the team in steals per 48 in that time. 


Finally, no Hawks shot better than 80 percent from line in clutch time. No, wait! One did, with 89 percent.

Al Horford. 



Exit Question: I don't want to pile on (I mean it's been all Al, all the time lately...hey, I can't help it if the NBA watchers keep cranking out such obvious pro-Horford material.)....Take a look for yourself...what other items jump off the table at you?