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Atlanta Hawks 100, Sacramento Kings 98: Pre and Post Game Audio

(The Pre-game session is a very long clip (20+ minutes) and I started to edit it down. However, I decided to leave it as it is as I thought there was a ton of good stuff here as Coach Drew gives some insights into previous seasons game plans and how they differ this season. One real good statement on mismatches and how the Hawks look to attack them now and didn't so much in the past. In all I thought this was too good to cut down as there is a ton of info here.) 

Larry Drew Pre Game Audio

  • Injury Report
  • Big Lineup
  • Joe Johnson
  • Last Season's Offense
  • Joe's role in this season's offense
  • Wearing Down
  • Match-up Problems
  • Houston Loss
  • Miami Heat game
  • Thoughts on Sacramento Game
  • Influences
  • 4th Quarter
  • Looking Ahead?
  • Effort?
  • Respect

Al Horford Post Game

  • Long Season
  • No Excuses
  • Coach Drew
  • Career High in Blocks