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Atlanta Hawks News and Notes From A Disappointing Saturday

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What better way to start this than with this Larry Drew post game quote:

"We thought we could outscore this team," L.D. said. "Defensively, I thought we were soft."

and more:

"We just didn’t play with any kind of physicality and we didn’t take anything away," Drew said. "We allowed them to back us into the paint and score easily. We forgot kind of who we are. We have not been a team starting games thinking we can outscore people.

More coach Drew, this time talking self motivation:

"We can’t wait for crowds to try to do it for us. I want our guys to eventually be self-driven, and driven to point they can start a game, don’t care if all the seats are empty, they can generate the energy right at the get-go.

Joe Johnson talks about the Rockets:

"They are a tough team, "They play hard. They've got good, heady guards and they've got good post men. "It's going to take a collective team effort to step up to the challenge. It's going to be tough. It's not going to be no easy game."

Hats off to the Rockets as they were the team that beat the odds and overcame the back to back for the victory.

Larry Drew gives an injury update on Marvin Williams:

"He did say it's feeling better, but still doesn't have a timetable when he's going to return," Drew said. "He's shooting jump shots now, leaving his feet and taking a pounding. That's a good sign for me. Before he was shooting all set shots, looks like he's moving around a little bit better."