shaq to boston WTF

ok atlanta fans this is what im talking about
were over here debating should we pick up shaq( like we had an choice or other options)
why in the hell do we keep letting boston pick up all the biggs
shaq,kg,big baby,k.perkins,rasheed,skal that’s six big on one roster

listen to everyone cry about trying to pick up shaq
so we didn’t make a real for him move now look boston just got better. how by siging a 38 year old washed up center according to most of you fan
that’s probley why well never win a ring we take stupid risk like picking marvin over
chris or daron williams when all we needed was a point guard
now alll we need is a proven center with height lthat’s why we’ll still get beasted by the magic
now boston willl run over us too not to mention the miami heat and Chicago gotten better
why are we even taking the court this year?

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