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NBA Free Agent List 2010: The Peachtree Hoops Scoreboard (v5)

Ummm...Don't know if you heard. LeBron heads to Miami.

Scoreboard, sucka.


Dorell Wright signs with the Warriors for 3 years, 11 million.

Wesley Matthews signs an offer sheet with the Blazers for 5 years, 34 million. (updated with italics)

7/10 UPDATES: 

The scores are in for the Sunshine Boys' contracts:

LeBron and Bosh get matching 6 year, 110 million dollar signing deals.

Wade takes a little less and comes in at 6 years, 107 million. 

Mark Stein takes us through their Early Termination Options and options on Year Six.

Also, a couple of restricted free agents get offers: JJ Redick from the Bulls (3 years, 19M) and Anthony Morrow from the Nets (3 years, 12M). Both teams have 7 days to match the offer sheets and both players are now italicized on our Scoreboard.

Should those teams match? The heart s and minds of the people that know these players best, the fans and readers of Orlando Pinstriped Post and Golden State of Mind, say yes on Redick and yes on Morrow.

Just remember, not all fan bases want their guy re-signed at any cost. Joe Johnson, the biggest winner this offseason total contract wise, had his contract soundly vetoed by readers of this site.

Johan Petro agreed to a 3 year, 10 million dollar deal with the Nets.


Tyrus Thomas sticks it out in Charlotte, with a 5 year, 40 million dollar deal.

Negative WS/48 "player" Brian Cook got a guaranteed two years from the Clippers, for a total of 2.5 million.

Kyle Korver re-joins Utah teammate Carlos Boozer in Chicago, with a reported 3 year, 15 million dollar deal.


UPDATE: The Knicks responded by signing and trading David Lee to Golden State for three players. Lee will make 80 million over 6 years.

UPDATE:  The Clippers are using their cap space to sign Ryan Gomes to a 3 year, 12 million dollar deal. They are also to sign Randy Foye.