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Former Hawks Player Lorenzen Wright Reported Missing

Former Atlanta Hawks Center Lorenzen Wright has been reported missing by his family. The report was first filed by his Mother on July 22nd. Wright was at his ex wife's house in Collierville TN as early as July the 18th where he was checking in on his kids. He reportedly left that house sometime in the night and was seen back in Memphis at a barbershop the following morning. After that he has virtually vanished having had no contact with his family or friends. 

The behavior seems out of  character for Wright and has Collierville Police baffled:

"There is nothing on his phone records, no bank transactions, his vehicles are still at his house in Smyrna," Lt Norm Dixon of the Collierville Police said. "It's like he literally dropped off the face of the earth."

Wright was apparently suffering from financial woes as both of his houses, one in Tennessee and the other in Atlanta had recently been repossessed. Although there is no indication that that has anything to do with his disappearance. While police don't suspect foul play at this time his family feels different and fears that something is very wrong.  

Wright began his NBA career as the seventh overall pick in the draft for the Los Angeles Clippers in 1996. He played for the Hawks during two different stints in his career first in 1999-2001 and later again in 2006-2008. He had many friends on the team still and was at a couple of the Hawks playoff games this year supporting Josh Smith

We here at Peachtree Hoops will have Lorenzen in our thoughts and are praying that he is back with his family soon.