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Atlanta Hawks Ownership stories fuel our Negative BS: A Peachtree Hoops Commentary

The latest Atlanta Hawks ownership news? Ugh. Don't get me started....whoops too late.

Honestly, why bother trying to keep your chin up when the fairy tales you hear coming from the ASG mouth keep smacking it with a cartoonish frying pan? It's not negative BS, it's dejection over seeing the reality of this team's financial situation versus what ownership has tried to sell us: A storyline born out of, what to be kind can be described as, good intentions. They want a championship, they're just not sure they can afford one.

If you understand that Fanhouse report (linked above), MC's alert on the free agency matter, ownership's own track record on MLE, BAE, minimum effort in stocking the roster, and our own wailings about such things (podcasts, radio, etc.), then you're beginning to be aware that the Hawks aren't going to "add pieces" as promised after the signing of Joe Johnson for six years and are more likely to simply fill out the roster by signing one person from near the bottom of our free agent scoreboard and two more that likely didn't even merit inclusion. Refer to last year's "gets" Joe Smith, Jason Collins, and Mario West for historical reference.

As Mike Prada said earlier on Twitter, you can't spend 120 million dollars, money that will likely be bad by year 2 or at best year 3 of a 6 year deal, unless you plan on going over the tax to make the most of it and make a run. Couple that with the mind boggling decision to sell the 31st pick, a pick that may easily have been used to cheaply fill one of the three roster spots left, and provide some upside for multiple seasons, and you wonder why this group makes such conflicting decisions financially.

Now, instead of that roster spot being occupied by a young, potential filled, inexpensive asset that might grow with the team for 2 or 3 seasons, you are going to sign a low end, vet min player for one season, with little chance for additional chemistry...and he's more expensive.

Out of courtesy to Steve Holman, whom I respect, and others who are pleading to stop the emotional hemorrhaging of our raw emotions and just have patience, I will hope that Hawks GM Rick Sund can make an amazing trade that will send away some contracts (Crawford, Bibby, Marvin) for something more substantial than a second round pick or fast cash.

They may be working on something spectacular right now, for all I know. After all, as stated, I don't know what's really going on over there and I would prefer to hope versus completely throwing in the towel on this group (group meaning the ASG). If there is anyone there who wants to reach out to me and share, I'm all ears.

Otherwise, we are really putting a lot of expensive, second round ceiling eggs into the coaching basket to make the same roster somehow better...another odd, conflicting decision that ended with the league's least expensive coach left with such a prominent task.