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GAME THREAD: Summer League 2010 - Game 3 - Atlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucks

Tonight's Game vs Milwaukee Bucks - Tip off 8:30 pm ET Summer League Broadband

By my calculations, the only place to watch tonight's game live is via Summer League Broadband package. If someone discovers that it is available somewhere else then please post it in th comments section. 

The Hawks get their first back to back action of the Summer League tonight when they take on the Milwaukee Bucks (0-2). The Bucks team is highlighted by 15th overall pick Larry Sanders. The Bucks have been in two tight games thus far in the Summer League losing 73-72 to the Mavericks and 67-64 to the Grizzlies.

If they Hawks want to win a game in Summer League then they are going to have to cut down on the turnovers. They have been plagued by turnovers during the first half of both games and it has led to early deficits with the team having to expend a lot of energy playing catch up in the second half. Jeff Teague in particular will need to bounce back with better decision making as the Hawks simply have to value the Basketball more than they have been. 

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