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GAME THREAD: Summer League 2010 - Game 2 - Atlanta Hawks vs San Antonio Spurs

Tonight's Game vs San Antonio Spurs. Tip Off - 6:30 ET

During the Hawks' Summer League Opener much of the team appeared to be tight and hesitant in their play. By the time the second half rolled around we saw players like Pape Sy and Richard Hendrix. Tonight we will be looking for the Jeff Teague and Jordan Crawford's supporting cast to settle down early and hopefully give a much more consistent performance.

Eyes will once again be on both Teague and Crawford to see if they can build upon their good showing in game one. Alade Aminu and Hendrix played well in game 1 and we will be looking to see if they can repeat that performance. The Hawks will have to tighten up their transition defense as they allowed far too many easy baskets in the first game. Of course cutting down on turnovers and making a more concerted team effort on the boards will also go a long way.   

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