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NBA Free Agent List 2010: The Peachtree Hoops Scoreboard

Just like I did last year, only at Peachtree Hoops. (Following along so far or did I lose my fellow Gator alumni?)

Follow along throughout the Free Agent season here at Peachtree Hoops, where we'll look at each day of the initial free agent frenzy and track who has signed where (with Color Coding!) as well as provide our own commentary along the way and how it may affect our Atlanta Hawks.

LeBron James! Chris Bosh! Dwyane Wade! Joe Johnson! Earl Watson! Royal Ivey! Where will they all go? Track 'em on the Peachtree Hoops Free Agent Scoreboard!

UPDATE: Paul Pierce is in the mix as well. The Scoreboard had already indicated Pierce's free agency. This makes it official. Welcome to the party, Paul.

UPDATE: Big flood of qualifying offers coming in and the Scoreboard updates them all:

Warriors have qualified Anthony Morrow and CJ Watson, but did not qualify Anthony Tolliver and Chris Hunter.

Kris Humphries has exercised his player optionand will be back with the Nets.

Found out that the Rockets picked up Chuck Hayes option on the 26th. Also noted.

UPDATE: Dirk has opted out.....and Yao has opted in. The big board has been updated.

UPDATE: Randy Foye will be an unrestricted free agent by virtue of the Wizards renouncing his rights on July 1st. (H/T Mr. Sanchez in the comments area)