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Atlanta Hawks NBA Draft Day/Night Open Thread

UPDATE: Bullets Forever has two stories that may impact the Hawks; a rumored agreement between the Wizards and Josh Childress and Kirk Hinrich and 17th pick to the Wizards for...nothing, a move that would free valuable cap space for the Bulls.

Why this may impact the Hawks is that the Hawks may be interested in turning Childress to the Wizards in a sign/trade to the Wizards for Hinrich, who was mentioned earlier in the offseason as a possible piece in a sign/trade with the Bulls for Joe Johnson.


Draft day is here, and the question is what will the Hawks do with the #24 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft?

We already participated in the SB Nation Mock Draft (w/no trades allowed) and ended up with Texas wingman Damion James, who is expected to go higher than that tonight (most mock drafts have him at #20 to the San Antonio Spurs).

Will the Hawks deal the pick like the Miami Heat to save cash?

If they do draft, will it be one of the big men worked out like Jarvis Varnado, Larry Sanders, or Daniel Orton? 

How about a guard like Quincy Pondexter, Jordan Crawford or Terrico White? Does Georgia Tech's Gani Lawal stay in the ATL?

Last year, we watched as Dejuan Blair slid all the way into the second round after being considered a high first round pick by most mock drafts--who will be that player this year? Is Hassan Whiteside that guy? 

Come on board and comment all day long about what you want the Hawks to do, what you think they'll do, and what you don't want them to do and then stay here throughout the draft night (Draft begins at 7pm EST, ESPN) as all the teams in the NBA make their selections leading up to the Hawks pick at #24 and beyond.