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Atlanta Hawks June 22nd Workout Preview

The Hawks final day of publicized workouts will be on Tuesday and will see the largest number or participants. Again the focus is on big men. There are a few of intriguing names such as Larry Sanders, Daniel Orton and Solomon Alabi. Latavious Williams is also scheduled to work out and he made history earlier this season as he was the first high school player to skip college and go directly into the D-League.

Atlanta Hawks Workout Schedule

Hawks Day 1 June 14th Workout

Hawks Day 2 June 15th Workout

Hawks Day 3 June 16th Workout

Hawks Day 4 June 17th Workout

Hawks Day 5 June 18th Workout

Hawks Day 6 June 19th Workout

Hawks Day 7 June 20th Workout

Individual Player Breakdowns after the Jump

Larry Sanders

Sanders has been a guy that has been really hard to project. In many mock drafts he has gone in the late lottery and some have him slipping into the late first round. Typically the Hawks haven't worked out people this year that they suspect will go much higher than where they are picking. If the team decides to take a big player then Sanders if available could be the best of the bunch. He is a long 6'11" and is already a more than capable rebounder and shot blocker. His offensive game is still developing but he is becoming more confident in his perimeter shot. I don't look for him to be available at #24 and think that the Hawks would have to move up to get him.

Ryan Richards

Nineteen year old European big man Ryan Richard. He is projected as a second round pick and would undoubtedly stay in Europe to develop for a season or two which is appealing to a lot of NBA clubs. Richards already has an NBA body but is still developing his overall game. He would be a potential target if the Hawks want to stash their second round pick over seas and let him develop there without having to pay him.

Latavious Williams

The first high school player to skip college and join the NBA D-League. Williams has had some good workouts and seems to be moving up some draft boards. He remains a project but some mock drafts now have him sneaking into the first round. He is a good rebounder, is long and plays hard. Needs to develop a jump shot. Someone will probably take a chance on him in the second round.

Solomon Alabi

Alabi is another player that is projected all over draft boards. I think he will be gone by the time the 24th pick comes around but the Hawks probably want to be prepared in case he slips. He is a legit 7'1" but had some disappointing rebounding numbers. He needs to get stronger to help shore up those rebounding numbers. His offensive game is still developing but he is a good worker so there is nothing to suggest that he can't get better.

Samardo Samuels

In my opinion Samuels should have stayed in school. Of course there is no guarantee that he is going to improve his stock any. Samuels is a wide body who is a good rebounder but tends to play below the rim. He is not that explosive and I am not sure how his game will translate to the NBA. I could see him really being hit or miss. Still his strength and good low post game could warrant a second round selection and then maybe a trip to the D-League to develop.

Daniel Orton

One of the five expected draftees out of the University of Kentucky. Orton has been all over draft boards but has been falling of late due to some lackluster workouts and some questions about his knee. The thing about Orton is, we just really don't know. He received such little playing time at Kentucky we don't know what he really brings to the table. He is big and is an ok athlete but if he has knee problems how will that effect him? He is still very much a project. At one time it was reported that he had received a promise from Oklahoma City with the 21st pick.

Tory Jackson

5'11" guard from Notre Dame. Had a two to one turnover ratio as a senior but would seem to be a long shot to get drafted by an NBA team.

Joe Dukes

Georgia State guard who transferred from Wake Forrest. I would think he was brought in to work out with Jackson. Another long shot to be drafted. Perhaps the D-League is an option.