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Atlanta Hawks June 20th Workout Preview

Sunday will be the seventh day in a row of workouts in preparation for the June 24th draft. It also will be one of the most anticipated as both Craig Brackins and Jarvis Varnado will be in town to work out.

Hawks Draft Workout Schedule

Hawks Day 1 June 14th Workout

Hawks Day 2 June 15th Workout

Hawks Day 3 June 16th Workout

Hawks Day 4 June 17th Workout

Hawks Day 5 June 18th Workout

Hawks Day 6 June 19th Workout

Individual Player Breakdowns after the Jump.

Craig Brackins

Brackins is a slight enigma as his numbers slid badly during his junior campaign. Still he is a versatile big man that has a 6'10" frame. He is an offensive threat inside and out with range out to the college three point line. Excellent athlete who runs the floor very well for his size. He is not a great defender and was very inconsistent in college this season thus he has seen his stock slide to late first round. He could in fact be a steal with a late first round pick.

Derrick Caracter

Caracter is a first round talent that has had his draft stock hurt with a multitude of of off the court problems. He is a legit 6'10" and possesses a wonderful post game. His problem lies in his character as he is often out of shape and has little work ethic about him. He is really a tragedy because he has the talent to be a legit pro but seemingly has wasted it.

Patrick Sullivan

I could find little to no information on Sullivan other than he is a 6'9" Power Forward/Center out of Southeastern Louisiana college. He averaged 15.7 points and 8.7 rebounds as a senior. Had 19 points and 13 rebounds in a loss to LSU. He doesn't appear to be on anyone's draft boards at Draft Express or

Jarvis Varnado

Varnado is the NCAA's all time leader in block shots. He is an outstanding defender and a great leaper. He stands 6'10" but has a 7'4" wingspan. He is a first round talent on the defensive end who also cleans up the boards well. Varnado is still developing on the offensive end of the floor