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Atlanta Hawks June 19th Workout Preview

The Hawks preparations for the June 24th draft continue right into the weekend with workouts scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday. Three players are scheduled to work out on Saturday. Clemson's Trevor Booker, Marquette's Lazar Haywood, and LSU's Tasmin Mitchell.

Hawks Draft Workout Schedule

Hawks Day 1 June 14th Workout

Hawks Day 2 June 15th Workout

Hawks Day 3 June 16th Workout

Hawks Day 4 June 17th Workout

Hawks Day 5 June 18th Workout

Individual Player Breakdowns after the jump.


Trevor Booker

Six foot seven inch power forward out of Clemson. Began the year projected as a late first round pick but it remains to be seen if he can hold on to that designation. He didn't have a bad year at Clemson but it wasn't the kind of year that a lot of scouts were looking for from him. He has a good motor, athletic, and a good rebounder. His offensive game is still developing so there is some upside. Concerns are he is a little undersized for his position in the NBA and will his offensive game develop fast enough to keep him in the league?


Lazar Hayward

Do everything player for Marquette this past season. Routinely played out of position as an undersized power forward and occasional center. He projects as a small forward at the next level but has his work cut out for him. Still it is hard to count this kid out as he is a tough blue collar worker who is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. He measures out at 6'6" tall but has a seven foot wingspan. Good spot up shooter but doesn't possess elite quickness. Makes up for a lack of athleticism with desire and good instincts.

Tasmin Mitchell

Mitchell is a classic case of a college power forward that needs to make the transition to small forward in the NBA. He is a good rebounder for his size. Has good low post moves and loves to play in the paint but is still developing a perimeter game to go along with it. Lacks the ball handling skills to be a really successful small forward in the NBA.