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Atlanta Hawks June 16th Work Out Preview

Today will be the third consecutive day of scheduled work outs as the Atlanta Hawks prepare for the 2010 NBA Draft. Six players are scheduled to work out on Wednesday highlighted by  Xavier sophomore Jordan Crawford.

The Hawks have the 24th pick in the first round and the 53rd selection in the second round.

Hawks Draft Work Out Schedule

Day 1 Work Out Preview

Day 2 Work Out Preview

Individual Player Breakdowns after the Jump

Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford made a name for himself when a video surfaced of him dunking on LeBron James during the skills academy in the summer of 2009. He declared for the draft after his sophomore season after averaging 20.5 points per game on nearly 46% shooting. He is a big time athlete and an explosive finisher at the rim as the above mentioned James can confirm. He is a streaky shooter with range but is undersized at 6'4" for a shooting guard.

A good comparison in his game might be the Hawks Jamal Crawford. He is projected as a late first round, early second round pick. He also appears to have the biggest name of anyone in this work out.

Mikhail Torrance

Six foot four inch combo guard out of Alabama that improved his draft stock at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. He is still projected as a possible second round pick but he is intriguing because he projects to be a more than capable defender and has good size for a point guard. The question is can he provide enough offense at the NBA level to play the point guard position. He does possess a quick first step and has shown that he can get to the basket.

Chris Kramer

Kramer would appear to be a long shot to get drafted but had a decent career at Purdue and the reputation of being a smart heady point guard. Will be interesting to see how he stacks up against some of the other competitors in these work outs. He is a 6'3" point guard that will be challenged athletically. Once again he is an underdog but he probably has been his whole career.

J.T. Tiller

Tiller is another 6'3" point guard/shooting guard from the University of Missouri. Tiller wasn't much of an offensive player during his college career but was an excellent defender. He was the 2009 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year and is an outstanding on and off the ball defender. His biggest problems are his inability to hit a jump shot or create much offense for himself. Tiller is a hometown product having been born in Marietta Georgia. He appears to be a long shot to get drafted.

Pape Sy

You may recognize Sy because he was also scheduled to work out on Tuesday no doubt wanting to show his versatility. He is kind of a mystery as I haven't been able to find out a lot about his game. I did find a french site that listed him as a point guard, shooting guard, and a small forward. That no doubt is probably why he is working out two days. 

Greivis Vasquez

Vasquez will probably have a great pro career somewhere, it just probably won't be in the NBA. However, don't count him out completely. He is an excellent scorer and capable enough shooter. His problems lie in his lack of athleticism. He had the worst vertical jump at the Draft Combine and possesses less than stellar foot speed. Defensively he projects to have a very hard time in the NBA. Still don't count this guy out. He has just enough attitude to make it somewhere at sometime.