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Atlanta Hawks Draft Primer Part 2

While we all await news (any news?) on the coaching front I thought I would explore some other names that potentially could be drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in this years Draft. There were a great selection of names that was brought up in the first Draft Primer Post and as in that one I don't claim that this list is anywhere close to complete. These are just some other names that I picked out while scouring many Mock Drafts around the net.

First and foremost I want to revisit a name from the first Draft Primer before we get into the new names.

Gani Lawal - PF - Georgia Tech - At first glance I felt that I was not fair to mister Lawal in the first post. So this time I am going to try and put down my SEC loyalties and UGA fandom to look at him objectively.Despite Lawal only measuring out at 6'9 he does boast a 7 foot wing span. He was an adequate rebounder and shot blocker in college. Plus he has the local factor working for him. The more I think about it the more I feel like this might be a possibility. That is unless the need for help on the perimeter is just too great.

The Candidates after the Jump

Damion James - SF - Texas - Brings toughness and a good defensive presence. His offense may be limited however and he may in fact have a tough time scoring against bigger defenders night in and night out. posted the shooting drill results from the Draft Combine. James struggled a bit with his shot there hitting only 47% of his shots.

Patrick Patterson - PF - Kentucky - I find it doubtful that Patterson slips this far but it is not completely out of the realm of possibility. However, he had a pretty strong combine and had some great interviews there with the teams. He is probably one of the more headier players in the draft and I think he could step in and contribute right away in a back up role. With his work ethic and professionalism he should have a good career as a pro.

Keith "Tiny" Gallon - PF - Oklahoma - Gallon isn't high on my list but is a really big body (6'8 320lbs) with a 7'4" wingspan. No doubt he has the best perimeter game and touch of any of the other big men. That is really the problem though. He is not comfortable on the block with his back to the basket. He does have good handles for a player his size and above average passing ability. Still 320lbs is a lot to haul around and it hampers him on the defensive end.

Craig Brackins - PF - Iowa State - Had Brackins stayed in the draft last season he would have probably been a late lottery pick. His stock has slid somewhat this season but it can be attributed to a much better supporting cast this season. It will be interesting to keep an eye on his work outs this season. He is a versatile scorer with a mid range game but is an indifferent defender and will have to improve.

Larry Sanders - PF - Virginia Commonwealth - This is another intriguing prospect but one that I think would need a little more time to develop rather than coming in and competing right away. He is developing as a scorer but is a heck of a defender and shot blocker.

Jarvis Varnado - PF - Mississippi State - The favorite among the early Peachtree Hoops commentors. Judging by what I am reading though it may be a reach for the Hawks to take him late in the first round as most project him eight to ten picks into the second. Still he has plenty of time to move up. I know from watching the Draft Combine he showed a much better than predicted offensive game. Still his strength is as a shot blocker and he is exceptional at that. His frame is slight though at 210 pounds and may in fact struggle with the night in and night out pounding that comes in the NBA

Solomon Alabi - C - Florida State - Along with Hassan Whiteside, Patrick Patterson, and Larry Sanders, I don't especially expect Alabi to be there when the Hawks pick. He is a legit seven footer and is an adequate big body with lots of questions offensively. Still there are not a lot of wide bodied seven footers in this draft.

Jordan Crawford - SG - Xavier - Crawford is a dynamic scorer who possesses a quick first step and has the ability to finish at the rim. He has exhibited an inconsistent jump shot from time to time and tends to be very streaky. He has quick hands and feet. He should be a much more effective defender than he is but it is going to take a more consistent effort to do so on his part. He plays better with the ball in his hands and struggled some at Xavier off the ball. Crawford is another player that can improve his stock some in the upcoming workouts. At the Draft Combine he shot over 70% during the shooting drills.

NBA Draft Blog - ESPN - Chad Ford explores many of these players and a few others that he deems is on the the first round bubble.