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Orlando Magic 112, Atlanta Hawks 98 or Josh Smith plays preseason basketball

Well give credit where credit is due. This was less worst performance ever and more the better team can play better for 48 minutes. So we are making strides.

And because of those strides, only three main culprits exists, and I hate to harp on culprits but the facts of this series are obvious, the Magic are better. Outlining how things could be built on is absurd. The Hawks do not need to build on anything, they need to stop doing things. When you lose by double digits, it is not the refs or the missed shots. No, it is that you do not do things that make you a competitive basketball team. Who does not do those things? Well I am glad you asked.

Josh Smith

It is fitting that the man was -24 for the game (worst on the team). Sure the final stats look ok, but he may have single handedly cost the game with fake injuries, pouting, lack of effort, and turnovers. Listen, I love Josh Smith, but he has no make up switch. There exists nothing in his person that inspires a vendetta like atmosphere on his own horrible actions. Josh is always right, and when he is wrong, it clearly does not matter. That is his mindset. I have never seen an above average starter play less like it was playoff basketball in my life than Josh did tonight. For all the Atlanta pride he speaks of and righteous gripes about talent under utilized, there was no excuse for Josh, and he has no reason to hold his head high when he dominates next year in January. This city will not get behind his poor effort, his fake fouls, his pouting. We pay money to watch you be great Josh. Intentionally being horrible is unacceptable. It is insulting. It makes people not show up to see that brilliance in Janurary. And that my friend is why you did not make an all-star game, and that is why you did not deserve to.

Joe Johnson

Typical Joe. The quietest first half 15 points you will ever see. I felt like Al Horford had twice as many points. And then the second quarter? Too much dribbling, forced isolation, killing ball movement. It all almost seemed purposeful. I know it was not, but it looked so "I have to get mine" in the face of first quarter success. Listen, in a got to have two points moment Joe is the best but he envisions that moment five times a game when that moment does not exist, and it kills the flow of the offense. Period.

Mike Woodson

Coaches bench Josh Smith. They demand Joe Johnson stop dribbling. They call the ball for the most dominant offensive player in the first half. No, the coach does not make shots or play defense, but he does regulate the standard for those who do. And in that sense, it is very clear, Mike Woodson has no idea what he is doing.

Go Hawks!