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Pregame Audio From Game Two: Regarding Offense

We don't normally do in-game posts, but we got some great sound from pre-game as we asked Coach Woodson, Jamal Crawford, and Marvin Williams about the Hawks offensive struggles against the Magic.

We stole the information that Bret did over at Hoopinion and asked the critical questions regarding the team's offense (with Bret's permission). Listen to the audio as we lay out the numbers and ask a) does it surprise them to know that they are succeeding defensively but failing miserably on offense. b) who is responsible for jump starting the team when they begin to languish in isolation.

Hit the jump for the audio and, as always, be gentle.

Coach Woodson:

Mike Woodson, Part 1

Mike Woodson, Part 2

Jamal Crawford:

Jamal Crawford Game Two

Marvin Williams:

Marvin Williams Game Two