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Saturday on the Links

....on another Saturday when the Hawks aren't playing playoff basketball and waiting for the off-season to officially arrive (translation: draft and free agency)...hmmmm, are the Hawks close to hiring a coach?

I guess it's not too early to talk about the draft as our own Kris Willis launched our look at potential Hawks candidates from the draft and linked Chad Ford (who's on his third mock draft already...heaven help him) and Mark Bradley's opening look.

My early favorite---Well, those who know me know I am a sucker for a shot blocker, so Jarvis Varnado definitely intrigues me. (Hey, Acie Earl intrigued me, too.) He was a disruptive force at MSU and could fill a niche the Hawks lack off the bench---um, that would be both shot blocking and someone off the bench to gain my adulation. I know the Hawks don't care about my shot blocking jones, but hey, I'm just sayin'.

On the coaching front, the Hawks are finally making good on the long shot rumor by bringing in Mark Jackson for an interview, and Mike Woodson seems to be missing out everywhere as Mike Brown joins the list of folks being interviewed by the Nets, but the former Hawks coach hasn't sniffed a public interview yet. 

One of the other objects of the Hawks attention, Avery Johnson, is reportedly first in line to interview for the Nets position. Another Hawks two-time interviewee, Dwane Casey, has been linked to the New Orleans opening and interest from the Clippers. He was interviewed by the Sixers before they hired Doug Collins.

An interesting side item to the Fanhouse report that Jackson will interview with the Hawks was that Jackson will be the last to interview with the team and called Casey the frontrunner (and mine as well). The Hawks might be wanting to make sure they have a coach in place before the draft.

Exit Question: If the Hawks really are done interviewing after talking to Jackson, does that mean they feel that they can get one of three candidates for sure to take the job?