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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes at Peachtree Hoops

No, Donald Trump hasn't taken over Peachtree Hoops, but he does approve of our latest addition.
No, Donald Trump hasn't taken over Peachtree Hoops, but he does approve of our latest addition.

These is a typical quiet period for Non-Playoff, Non-Lottery teams in the NBA, so why not have some shake-up at Peachtree Hoops while we wait for the white smoke to emanate from Phillips Arena. 

As we know, Drew has retired to Blogger emeritus status and will grace us only when his time and blood pressure deems it relevant (translation: When the Hawks are really good or really monumentally stinky, Drew will not be able to contain himself). Also, Bronn, who has provided some extremely enlightening content for the site over the past season has had some vocational breakthroughs and also cannot proceed with even his contributory status here. We wish him well and thank him for his attention at Peachtree Hoops (where he will stay a vigilant commenter, we hope!).

So with the scary prospect of only seeing me on the site and this becoming The Human Highlight Blog Presents, we did what any massive multi-billionaire operation like ours would do: Go out and sign the best young Hawks writer we can find.

With that, Peachtree Hoops is extremely proud to announce that Kris Willis is joining Peachtree Hoops full time as Lead Writer!

Hawks fans know Kris from his work as sole content provider at Soaring Down South which, in little less than a season, already became a fabulous go-to place for Hawks opinion and material. Kris is a long time Hawks fan, lives and breathes Atlanta sports, and has already shown to be a fantastic writer and contributor to the ongoing Hawks commentary.

Kris will be part of the everyday P-Hoops world, including upcoming podcasts, opinions on breaking news, and other areas that suit his fancy. Kris provided an excellent mock draft over at SDS and we're excited about getting him over here to provide the bullhorn that is SBNation for his talent.

Please join me in welcoming Kris full time to our passionate and proud community....and thank him for saving us from the prospect of having only me to listen to.