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The Most Important Thing About: Game Six

Restore our Spirit, O Mighty Spirit the Hawk
Restore our Spirit, O Mighty Spirit the Hawk

If this is it
Please let me know
If this ain't love you'd better let me go
If this is it
I want to know
If this ain't love baby, just say so

-Huey Lewis AND the News, 1984

Will they get back to the Hawks team that can dominate even the best that the NBA has to offer---or will they continue to engage the worst of what they can be: a group of individuals who cannot form a cohesive offernsive or defensive unit for longer than a few minutes at a time?

Or is it more important, as the FanPost yesterday queried, that the Hawks continue their fade into a Mike Tyson-esque Bolivian?

For me, it's always about winning---so I am thinking the most important thing about Game Six is that the Hawks come out restored and renewed in their quest to fulfill this season's promise. That they play so well that it catapults them into Game Seven with a "can't be stopped" mentality and the series serves as a learning episode that finally clicks in their minds, beginning a long, impressive run through May.

Other Potential Thoughts (not all-inclusive list):

  • Josh Smith regains his mental mojo and gets back to being unstoppable
  • That the Hawks shoot well--since they are going to do it anyway.
  • Raising the defensive energy so more turnovers are created and getting easier baskets
  • Not getting into a deep first quarter hole on the road
  • Keeping the Bucks down if they get them down

What about you---what, to you, is The Most Important Thing?