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Cleveland Cavaliers 93, Atlanta Hawks 88 or you can rule out mediocrity as a way to beat the Cavs

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There will be more on this game when THHB and I have time, but the Hawks played a below average/were forced into a below average game for most of the night. You can't win like that. If Al Horford, Mike Bibby, and Joe Johnson are not going to make shots, the Hawks are not going to win. Those are rules against most any team that is not jockeying for lottery position. Actually, those might just be the rules.

This is of course complete projection on my part, but it seems this Hawks team has a much more potent belief that they can beat the Magic than the Cavs. I think the matchups are far poorer against Orlando, but the Magic don't have LeBron James. LIke the Cleveland games, come playoff time, I don't think Atlanta will have a first three quarter problem. I think they will have a fourth quarter problem. And if that is the case, here is hoping the Hawks pick up the third seed.

Bullets and takeaways later today.

Go Hawks!