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Playoff Preview and Game Thread #1.5: Milwaukee Bucks @ Atlanta Hawks

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Atlanta Hawks 09-10 Playoff Game # 1.5
@ Atlanta-hawks_medium
Philips Arena
April 28th, 2010, 8:00PM EST
TNT, Fox SportsSouth, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Brandon Jennings
PG Mike Bibby
John Salmons SG Joe Johnson
Carlos Delfino SF Marvin Williams
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
PF Josh Smith
Kurt Thomas C Al Horford

Hawks Injury Report: None

Bucks Injury Report: Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut are out.

Blogging With the Enemy: Brew Hoop

Predicted bane of the Hawks' existence: Scott Skiles

At home this series, the Hawks have shown a willingness to play to their advantages and the Bucks have shown little ability to hit outside shots. On the road, the Hawks have shown no willingness to play to their advantages and the Bucks have shown little ability to miss outside shots. Somewhere in that mix effort, defense, and luck are involved. That somewhere is a land I like to call coaching.

If the script continues to play out as such, the Hawks will win tonight. If it is does not, lets hope Mike Woodson can inspire the team to play more than 2 1/2 on 5 at both ends (but with completely different people) of the floor. If Woody can't do that, we can blame the players for not caring, but like it or not, the coach has to get paid for something and, despite the millions of dollars that should say otherwise, caring is one of them.

Put another way, after 84 games, it only took two more for Woody to be coaching for his job. And if he wants a little advice from a guy who has never coached, it is my view that execution (and actually having strategies that inspire execution) are the best way to get effort. but then again that may mean effort was never the main problem.

That being said, I hope Bambi, his mom, and whatever part of Brandon Jenning's that makes him jump around like an idiot get shot to pieces tonight. I, for one, fear no deer.

Go Hawks!