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Who carries the burden of dealing with Brandon Jennings?

Now, I said in a post not even 48 hours ago that Brandon Jennings' game, attitude, and circumstance rule out any chance he has of winning this series for the Bucks, and it is my contention that John Salmons and Jennings require too many shots and touches without making teammates effectively better to beat a Hawks team that has so many offensive advantages due to Andrew Bogut's injury.

Still, we all know the Hawks don't always care about advantages. Their only true loves are isolations and jump shots. They will take reason and skill and middle finger their way to a 16 point quarter. And while we have yet to see Salmons and Jennings score in bunches together, it could happen, and if it did, the Hawks would only need a second half defensive performance like game one to make game two very interesting and very in doubt.

So I ask you this, who carries the burden of figuring out Brandon Jennings? It is not necessarily who is to blame, but who do you think should be responsible. No one stopped Jennings in all phases of the game on Saturday, and even with intermittent steals and rejections, it is safe to say 34 points on 56% shooting is more a win for Jennings than for the Hawks defense. With Salmons seeming to find some rhythm in the second half, the Hawks will not have to stop both or even one, but two thirty plus point games could easily put the home court advantage on perilous ground. And I am sure all the Bucks ever wanted to do was win one of these games.