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Atlanta Hawks 104, Milwaukee Bucks 96 or victory bullets staring Zaza Pachulia

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  • The Joe Johnson curl floater and off screen Mike Bibby jump shot, in that order, ever game to the start the game. The amount of times that works when the offense surely knows it is coming is amazing. It makes all the talk about the unimaginative offense look silly.
  • That being said if Atlanta moved the ball and themselves like the Bucks, I think they would be unstoppable on offense, but I have said that before.
  • Marvin Williams looks like he is either desperately trying to initiate contact or avoid it. There is no middle ground.
  • If we play the Bucks in the playoffs, those horns are going to the bane of the existence.
  • In a sign I watch too much basketball, the Mbah a Moute sprint away from a red hot Mike Bibby made me laugh out loud. 
  • For someone who plays as under control and smooth as Joe Johnson, it is very obvious when he is pressing offensively. He was not pressing last night. 
  • Q: "Do injuries like that galvanize the team and give them injury?" A: "No." Between quarter interviews, asking the questions you always never cared about.
  • When Joe Smith blocks a shot, it sounds like he is punting the ball. In related news, I wish I watched Joe Smith when he was awesome.
  • Jerry Stackhouse hates the Hawks which, oddly, makes me hate Mario West and his roster spot more.
  • How many times do you think Zaza Pachulia said, "just like old times!" last night? I put the over/under at four.
  • When the Hawks ran a fast break with a guard in the first quarter, it looked so weird to me. Then I realized that never happens. Then I got sad. Then I got mad. Then I cried. Some people watch Marley and Me. I watch 82 games by the Hawks.
  • What the hell is bee pollen?
  • You don't watch Zaza to beat you on a jump ball. You just don't.
  • The loose ball calls, both the fouls and last touched, were horrible last night. I don't remember one I agreed with for either team. Ok I remember one.
  • Joe Johnson actually battling for defensive rebounds is like caramel candies. Something that gets me way too excited.
  • The run out Zaza Pachulia dunk is as close to my basketball play of perfection as possible.
  • If the Hawks do play the Bucks, I am really looking forward to who can out dirty who in the Zaza/Kurt Thomas battle.
  • Seriously, those horns are horrible. Also, Bucks fans do the shot clock countdown early like Duke fans. I can't tell if it is one really drunk section, they have a microphone on one moderately drunk section, or no one is the arena.
  • The two passes by Josh Smith to Al Horford and Horford to Joe Johnson who then hit the three pointer were the hardest two passes I have ever seen in a game. I would have ducked on either one of them. Actually, I would have tried to duck and been hit in the face.
  • Was that a dominant Joe Johnson performance AND diverse fourth quarter offense?
  • Go Hawks!