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Atlanta Hawks/Washington Wizards Game Review: Mr. Four Point Play Rides Again


When the season began, it was a curiosity. Now, it's a full blown phenomenon. To me, at least.

Jamal Crawford's propensity to draw a foul while successfully make a three point basket was fist noted as he, I believe, hit two of them in a span of a few minutes against the Hawks when he was a member of (insert former Crawford team here). At the time I thought, "what an actor--give me a break".

When he arrived and I found out he had (19) over his nine year career I thought, "Hmmm---made a little cottage industy out of this, eh?"

Over the course of this season, Crawford has banged home (9) of these, the latest of which officially sealed the Hawks 105-95 win over the hosting Washington Wizards Saturday night.

Taking a three and making it while being fouled is tough. To do this a few times is pretty remarkable. To do it enough to where folks track it and teams put it in their media guide is kinda hokey and it means you've got this process down. To do it more times than known foot-kick-out-make-three-point artist Reggie Miller makes it epic.

Crawford dusted Reggie off a while ago--now he has (28) for his career---and we hope he has saved a few for the playoffs---they sure are fun.

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Game Over When: Jamal hit his signature bucket, the four-point play, putting the Hawks up (13) with a little under three minutes left to play. It was the last big play the Hawks wanted to make on the night---and it poured a bucket of water on Washington's hopes of pulling off back-to-back upsets over Eastern Conference, home court in the first round enjoying, playoff teams.

Worth Noting: Josh Smith sat the entire fourth quarter in favor of Zaza Pachulia. I noticed the commentors noticed it, but I couldn't find anything in the AP, AJC, or otherwise that asked Woodson why that adjustment. Maybe they figured, as we did, that the Hawks needed a little more than (1) defensive rebound in 26+ minutes of play.

Also...: The Hawks ended their 6 game road losing streak. Who cares where or who it was against. It's over. Chalk it up.

We saw it:

Maurice Evans got the ball in transition wide open for three, and passed it up to attack the hoop. There was a tear in my eye--he got contact and made both throws. B-e-a-utiful.

Marvin Williams got caught going under a screen that led to Mike Miller wide open for a three. It's Mike Miller---who cares if he goes to the rack (he did a couple of times tonight), you can't go under and leave him open for a three or he'll book it, which he did four out of five times.

One of the times Miller went inside, it was sent back hard by Al Horford. This is a Gator on Gator crime.

Neither team played great defense--the Hawks did what they had to do in the fourth to get the Wizards down to (50) percent shooting after being (57) percent for the first three quarters. Miller, Nick Young, and Shaun Livingston all made better than half their shots. Predicted bane Livingston made me wish the Hawks had used their pick on DeJuan Blair and brought him in to back up the point. And I like Teague quite a bit.

Joe Johnson played so well within the framework of the move-the-ball offense and was great, shooting 8-14 for (20) points. The one time he forced the offense through himself, he nearly airballed the jumper. Joe is great, but is exponentially better when he gets his juice out of the flow of the offense and not banging the hardwood.

It wasn't Sunday, but Mike Bibby had a day of rest anyway, playing (16) good minutes, which enabled...

We can't believe we saw it: 

Jeff Teague got (9) minutes tonight, scored (2) points and had (2) assists. But the oddity of the night was a sequence in which the Hawks ran the ball through Teague in the post. Why? Earl Boykins was checking Teague and Jeff, as every player in the league does, has a size advantage on Boykins. Sure enough, Teague got (2) fouls on Earl as he struggled to check the taller player. Earl got his revenge a little later by crossing Teague over, leaving the vet clear to run the lane and hit his only basket of the night. Touche'.