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There is first love, and there is Zaza Pachulia love

I am a man of hyperbole so take this however you like, but this is a top five day of my life. Actually, screw it, insinuating that statement may be an exaggeration cheapens this day for what it is. The weather is perfect, the Hawks beat the Lakers, and Zaza Pachulia is a god. When those things are certain, there is no such thing as over optimism.

You may remember I wrote a post about two weeks ago on this jersey.


via Larry Brown Sports

And I said something like:

I am not kidding if we have a Zaza Pachulia and a Zaza Pcahulia on this team, my mind is going to implode. I would pay all the money I have to see a one on one game between these two. On a more realistic note, I will give you my house if you get me that jersey.

Well, unfortunately we don't have a Pachulia and a Pcahulia on the team, but as awesome should have it, I received an email from the Mr. Pachulia who does don a Hawks jersey saying he read the blog and wanted my address. After some counseling with a brown paper bag, I gave it to him, and today, the UPS man delivered the goods.


Zaza didn't even make me give him my house. The guy is a modern day saint.

The college diploma is going down. The Pcahulia is going up. Tell the kids, dreams really do come true. They really do.