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Please give a Zaza Pachulia welcome to the Human Highlight Blog

I started writing about the Atlanta Hawks back in the summer of 2007 because I did not think enough voices were out there talking about the team. I was tired of news consisting solely of jokes about the Philips Arena crowd and jabs over Chris Paul. Outside of some good beat reporting, that was the coverage. And moving back to Atlanta and going to games again, I realized this team was far to nuanced and entertaining to read stock quotes and Marvin Williams bust columns. If no one was going to write about DJ Cowboy or Gorins Beer or Lorenzen Wright, I was going to.

Out of that and through a move to SB Nation, I realized what a wonderful thing interacting with other Hawks fans could be. So wait, you notice Woody takes Horford out after two fouls every time? You laugh at Nique's heat checks? You nicknamed Marvin's mustache too? It made being a Hawks fan better, more entertaining. I became a better fan, a more knowledgeable one. And in some weird way, I felt more connected to the team and the fans. It would be cheesy if it was not true.

As PH has grown, I cared less about how many people were visiting the site and more about how many were commenting. I wanted to foster the best possible Hawks community I could. SB Nation provided a brilliantly designed platform to do that. I never wanted to be a writer (if my grammar did not give it away) or a journalist. I wanted to be a fan. And I realized the best way for this site to be a place where fans can gather is to have as many voices as possible. It is why I love fanposts and comments. It is why I get upset when I miss a gamethread. And it is why I am beyond excited to announce that Jason Walker of the Human Highlight Blog is coming on as a co-manager with me.

If you don't know Jason or his work, he has been writing about the Hawks for years. Way back before any of the current excellent Hawks blogs existed, Jason was in the locker room covering the team for RealGM. He knows the team better than me. He writes with a refreshing, knowledgeable perspective. The guy is the real deal. The best of the best, and now will be running the site right along side me. I could not be more pumped. I hope you are too.

Peachtree Hoops will now have more perspectives, more posts, better game recaps, and venture into interviews, podcasts, and all sorts of good stuff that one guy's hobby just can't get too. It is all an effort to make this blog a better place to talk Hawks. I can think of no one better than Jason to make that happen. So welcome good sir, I speak for everyone to say, thank you for coming on and keeping this from becoming a Zaza fan page.

Go Hawks!