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New York Knicks 99, Atlanta Hawks 98 or depressing like meth ads

Shockingly, the Hawks just got beat. I don't mean that the fact that they lost was shocking. They already lost twice to the Knicks. Losing to New York is like breathing for this team. I mean it is shocking the Hawks just got beat. Period. That "don't try and lay the ball up with a half second to go ever again" block on Josh Smith summed it up. The Knicks were better. All the predictable faults were there for Atlanta, all things we have grown accustom to laundry list after losses, the ball movement, inability to get the ball inside, questionable shot selection, an inability to disguise poor defenders, and of course, the coaching left something to be desired, but in the end, the Knicks beat the Hawks because they were the better team.

That should bring some cold, hard truth to Hawks fans and players. At least truth to how this team is playing right now. If you want to point out Bibby or Jamal's poor night as an excuse, the Knicks missed 9 of 11 shots in the final 5:26 with three turnovers. The Knicks didn't play well at the most important time and the Hawks had nothing. And that my friends, that is the sign of not being a good team. Is it March? Yes. Could things change before the playoffs? Certainly. But the Hawks don't even know how to perform a simple entry pass to the post. (Name the last time Josh, Joe, or Al got the ball in deep.) They have Josh Smith taking six jump shots in a game. Woody take three minutes to adjust to the Knicks playing Al Harrington at center. The team guard four players, at most, every possession. It is ugly. And if the jumpers don't fall, any team in the league can beat them.

Hope is there, but right now figuring out where to grasp on to it sure ain't easy.

Go Hawks!