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Miami Heat 100, Atlanta Hawks 94 or same old, same bad.

And that is why the Hawks don't have long winning streaks.

Two horrible turnovers trying to post up with no ball or player movement. Effortless Josh Smith defense on Michael Beasley in the closing minutes. Only six shots for Al Horford. Joe Johnson volume shooting instead of volume scoring and unable to do anything on defense against Dwyane Wade. Mike Bibby playing crunch time minutes over Marvin Williams and not touching or shooting the ball. At least, we had Joe Smith to make us happy for a while.

The quarter by quarter field goal percentage tonight told the story from shooting almost 60% in the first to under 30 in the fourth. Naturally, opposing defenses are going to clamp down in crunch time, but as simplistic and obvious as Mike Woodson's offense is, it actually works. It really does. With ball movement and unselfishness, the Hawks get easy shots and are good enough to make easy buckets. Somehow Woody does not have the control or the faith to make the team play that way for four quarter. Neither is an attribute that sits well in my household.

More later. Go Hawks!