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Atlanta Hawks 112, Philadelphia 76ers 93 or recapping it live



Some games deep secondary meaning cannot be extrapolated. What you see is what it is. With the Sixers uninterested in two pretty important aspects of the game (interior defense and rebounding), this was one of those games, and this is what we saw.

Marvin Williams

I am pretty sure Marvin does not know where his feet are at any given moment. -Hawksdawgs

Marvin has been rebounding well lately.- Duff_Man

It's the best way for him to get his hands on the ball. - RamblininAlb

Marvin is either a total spaz or unstoppable body control. There is no in between. - Hawksdawgs

Marvin, beast code activated. - Erihury

Mike Bibby

Was that a Bibby drive? - RamblininAlb

Bibster!- AlejandroG

(less than 10 seconds later) Bibster! After the first quarter baby! - Duff_Man

Josh Smith

noooooooooooooooooooooo - AljeandroG

Use the damn glass Josh. - Hawksdawgs

That pass had a vapor trail. - Duff_Man

I have seen a lot of bad shots, but Josh Smith dribble, stop and pop is up there. - Hawksdawgs

Josh is our best point guard. - RivBoatGambler

Joe Johnson

These Sixers need to get a hand in Joe's face. He does not like these open shots. - Hawksdawgs

Joe has been just absent. Duff_Man        No, Joe has been good. - Beard.

How did Joe get 18? I missed that part. - Duff_Man

Mo Evans

What the hell was that Mo?

Mo is having some good garbage time minutes. Make that great garbage time minutes. - RamblininAlb

Zaza Pachulia

Good foul by Zaza. - RivBoatGambler Zaza. - Duff_Man

Zaza using his moves. I didn't know he had any. - Erihury

Shrimp Pimp. - Duff_Man

Bob Rathbun

"The Sixers continue to invent new ways to turn the ball over."

Jeff Teague

LOL moment, Woody showing Teague how to play defense. - Duff_Man

At some point, some one should probably tell Teague that he doesn’t have to foul every time someone ends up behind him. - Acie4MVP

Get it together Teague. Earn those minutes. - RivBoat Gambler

Jamal Crawford (summed up perfectly)

Jamal giveth, Jamal taketh away. - Duff_Man

You were saying? - RamblininAlb

Well...more giveth tonight. - Duff_Man

Mario West

MVP! MVP! MVP! - everyone

So for the second straight game, Mario West had more points than PFs. You can really tell we’ve turned this thing around. - Bronn

Go Hawks!