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The Most Important Thing About: Josh Smith's Dunk

Having been stuck under a sofa for a couple of days, I was happy to emerge and see there was no shortage of pomp and circumstance from Drew on the rebound-dunk of Josh Smith with .0000001 seconds left to claim victory from the jaws of overtime over the Magic.

While I would expect that on this site and other Hawks-related channels, I was happily surprised to see the game and its finish plastered all over ESPN (both all over S-Center and PTI), the Florida sports channels and reports (awww, too bad), and other national outlets. Nice! Since I was with a Magic fan most of yesterday, there was no shortage of opportunity to say, "Hey, what's on that TV over there?" and "Whoa! Look at that headline!". Oh, yeah.

It should be celebrated, but got the ol' THHB team to thinking: What was the most important thing about that dunk?

Possible thoughts:

  • The win broke the (6) game spell the Magic had on the Hawks.
  • The Hawks played so well throughout the rest of the game, it was right for it to close the way it did.
  • Hawks learn to win late in a game after a few slips.
  • Another close game against a playoff team is battle testing the team.
  • More proof that Josh Smith can fly.
  • Hawk Hater Vince Carter's three just shouldn't have gone in---Josh's dunk exorcised that play from existence.
  • Hey forget that, we got a game against the Sixers tonight!

How about yours?