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Josh Smith's Dunk on the Orlando Magic: The Thought Process

           Joe Johnson                        Mike Woodson                     Josh Smith                           
9.9     Damn.                                     Switch...I mean damn.        Bet it hit rim.                          

9.8     Got to go.                                Timeout.                                 I have to keep trying?          

5.0     Good, guard me. I like          Mario is in. Nice sub me.   I could hit this three               

           being guarded.                      Also, Joe shoot it.                pointer. Yea, hey, here.

3.0     These steps go to three.      Good, good, GOOD!           Should I be awesome? Could have nailed that 3.

2.3     Annnd...tough shot.                Yes, yes, YES!!!                  There are pros and cons.      

2.2     2010 millions?                        How was our energy         Dunking this would be cool. 


1.8    On my butt.                               Glad Mo Evans is not in.    I run like a damn deer!           

1.0    Damn.                                        Damn.                                  Better than you, you too, and you.

.5      Photographers can't see          ------------                             I call this, "the hand of God."  


.00   Ahhhhhh.                                     I am not a smart man     Yea, I was awesome.              

                                                               but I know what love is.