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Victory Bullets are spelled "Al Horford" in victory language

Victory Bullets

  • Joe Johnson passed out of double teams. He helped create during the second quarter run. He assisted on some key buckets in the fourth. He hit some others. This was the Joe Johnson supporters say is indispensable and this is the Joe Johnson detractors say "agreed, if he always played like this."
  • Still, 8-23 is a lot of shots for Joe. The 13:2 turnover ratio makes it a little easier to swallow.
  • One of my favorite parts of nights was Hubie bashing Josh's effort boxing out McDyess (deserved), and then Josh thunder dunking on an alley-oop two second later. Welcome Hubie to the lunacy that is talking about Josh Smith.
  • Did Hubie Brown correctly pronounce Pachulia?
  • Manu Ginoboli is ultimate foil to switching defense if he is hitting his outside shot. He is really good even if he is missing. So those fourth quarter stops by Horford and Josh were pretty incredible. They were the only ones that played (or had to play) defense for almost an entire quarter.
  • I have said it before. I will say it again. Marvin Williams hits buzzer beaters.
  • Any game that flashes back to Tito Horford is a game I want to watch.
  • Mike Bibby had a perfectly good 21 minutes. 
  • I made my wife come in and watch Al Horford's offensive rebound that led to his dunk on Duncan. I made her watch it four times. She will thank me later. She is a better person for it this morning.
  • Marvin Williams was incredible. If he can move without the ball and his teammates look for him, he can score four more points a game easily. And attack the boards? Well, then it is time to get my yellow Marvin Jersey out of the closet. 
  • "Jamal Crawford, he never stops." - Hubie Brown. I think we have a new t-shirt.
  • Tim Duncan is still the best, and he was the best last night. Yes, he was better than Al Horford. Duncan just has moves on top of moves, but Horford out worked Duncan. Al willed himself to be the dominant player at the end, and he guarded either Duncan or Ginobili (whoever had the ball) throughout crunch time.So yes, I was impressed.
  • The third quarter "no" by the crowd for Josh Smith's jump shot was a thing of beauty. So was Horford's tip in.
  • All Dejuan Blair's good will he has built up with me went away on the forearm shiver to Pachulia. Don't you dare try and out dirty Zaza. Not my Zaza.
  • 46 minutes for Joe Johnson. The man is a warrior.
  • On nights like this, it is clear the only weakness the Hawks can't fix this season is their perimeter defense.
  • I can't remember the last time the Hawks just made bucket after bucket down the stretch. Great offense. Great game. I slept like a baby in my Horford jersey.

Go Hawks!