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It's Come To This---A Links Post

Here's what people are saying about the Hawks today:

Blog Recaps of last nights game:



Nets Are Scorching

Soaring Down South

Michael Cunningham, AJC


Also, are the Hawks for sale? The New York Times mentions it, and Jeff Schultz and SDS comment on it.


The return of Hawk Str8Talk makes the claim that we are Teague Haters for a ratings bonanza.


Via, Lang Whitaker's Twitter account: The Atlanta Hawks still haven't been to the Eastern Conference Finals--and they are indeed alone.


Finally, TSN's The Baseline reports that there was some "funny" business between Josh Smith, Zaza Pachulia, and Mike Bibby on the court before the game last night. Draw your own conclusions.


Hoopinion catches ESPN's Chris Sheridan's piece on Jamal Crawford.


Cunningham notes a playful, potentially motivational exchange between Mike Woodson and Mike Bibby about the veteran PG's--ummm--challenges with speed at his position.


More links to come if they are deemed as worthy as these. (chuckle)