Peachtree Hoops: All Joe, All the Time....

(Ed. Note: This seems more like a paper seller more than hard and fast. When is the last time something this big came out this early and correctly? But at the same time, well, damn. That is interesting.) Found from here at SB Nation... Key quote... There is a growing sentiment among opposing team executives that at the very least the Knicks will sign Atlanta's Joe Johnson, whose agent, Arn Tellem, orchestrated the Tracy McGrady trade to the Knicks and has been friends with Walsh for 20 years. It's called a "wink-wink deal," and even though it is against NBA rules, the practice does exist and is nearly impossible to police. "I think that's a done deal," said one Eastern Conference GM. If it is the Knicks, could we work a sign and trade? Maybe take Toney Douglas to compete as a young PG and Eddy Curry's salary as he would come off the books next summer and open a lot of cap room between him and Crawford? Maybe make them include Sergio Rodriguez for Bibby?