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Preview and Game Thread #58: Atlanta Hawks @ Chicago Bulls

Atlanta Hawks 09-10 Season Game #58

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United Center
March 1st, 2010, 9:00 PM
SportsSouth, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Mike Bibby PG Derrick Rose
Joe Johnson SG Kirk Hinrich
Marvin Williams SF Luol Deng
Josh Smith PF Taj Gibson
Al Horford C Brad Miller

Hawks Injury Report: Ball movement died again last night. Status for tonight unknown.

Bulls Injury Report: Joakim Noah is out. Luol Deng is a game time decision.

Blogging With the Enemy: BlogaBull

Predicted bane of the Hawks existence: Please sir, please. Rose.

Game Preview:

Lets see. Al Horford should dominate Brad Miller but only if he touches the ball. Josh Smith should win the battle over Taj Gibson, but Gibson will retaliate in full if Josh leaves him to float on defense. Joe Johnson should whoop Kirk Hinrich but only if Joe does not dribble for 20 seconds and allow Hinrich to get steals, and Derrick Rose should be unstoppable if he so chooses.

Point is this. Good basketball should be an easy win for the Hawks. I don't care about road games or back to backs other than the fact that back to backs and road games lead to bad basketball. Still, the logistics do not undercut the very clear truth that good basketball will beat the Bulls, and bad basketball will shine a spotlight on just how good Derrick Rose can be. I, for one, vote good basketball.

Keys to the game:

1. Attack the glass like the Hawks did against the Bucks.

2. Go with whomever is hotter, Jamal or Bibby, just not both.

3. Move the damn ball.

Go Hawks!