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36 things I love about Joe Johnson

I ain't no hater.

  1. He came to Atlanta. He actually wanted to come.
  2. He has pushed the team the hardest, carrying the greatest burden, back into the NBA conversation.
  3. Outside of dunking and blocking shots, he does almost everything on the court as good or better than anyone on the team.
  4. He sometimes turns into Joe "freaking" Johnson.
  5. He can score 25 points and dish out 7 assist with ease despite only hitting "tough shots."
  6. He never complains to the officials.
  7. His floater.
  8. How he does not wrap his entire body in towels on the bench.
  9. That he is on the Jordan brand.
  10. That he first wanted to be a star because he believed being a star would bring wins.
  11. He does not flop.
  12. The nearly half court rhythm three pointer.
  13. His killer instinct. 
  14. When he seemingly dribbles around to gain a defender so he can hit the shot in their face. Like he yearns to embarrass.
  15. He is from the South.
  16. He can make Boston fans ask "what if."
  17. He can make Suns fans ask "what if."
  18. He makes Hawks fans say cheesy things like "Now you know."
  19. "J-J-J-J-J-Joe Johnson!"
  20. He turned down college basketball power houses to play for the state school.
  21. The slow, methodical drive to the basket.
  22. He came back from a broken face.
  23. Willing Demands to defend the other team's best offensive player.
  24. On the Hotspots chart, he only has one cold spot.
  25. He fits perfectly into Woody's sort of kind of offense.
  26. He gets people talking about the Hawks, ironically, when people talk about who is underrated.
  27. The three times he dunks a year.
  28. Four time all-star.
  29. When he was on ustream and I asked him a question he said, "Peachtree Hoops, are you a girl?"
  30. He does not talk trash but goes into "F you" mode at least once a game.
  31. How part of his offensive strategy is to get triple teamed...and then score. 
  32. In a game that is athletic, above the rim, assertive skill, he is shot maker that does or has none of these things.
  33. He is a gym rat.
  34. I know nothing about his personal life. 
  35. He barely jumps for shoulder bumps.
  36. Until this year, he has needed to be and actually been the mvp of the team. Those are not automatically connected.