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Atlanta Hawks 106, Milwaukee Bucks 102 (OT) or worst. win. ever.



I thought about this the whole way home from the arena. I didn't want to just throw it out as some fan reflex, but after much debate, I feel pretty confident. That was the least satisfying Hawks win of the last four years. The only thing worse would have been a game won by Josh Smith jump shots.

The entire game was average defense mixed in with dashes of horrible. Offense that seemed to have no formula or plan other than the first guy to dribble four times got to shoot, and coaching that can only be called such because much like bowling ever you role a two over ten frames you still bowled.

One could praise the Hawks for winning with their D+ game. Gutting out a victory against a playoff team, but those kind of games are reserved for actual good play on at least one side of the court. Or at least good intentions on one side of the ball. I am happy about the win. I really am, but all I figured in the positive from this game is that when Josh Smith tries and has the ball simultaneously he is really good. Now, just to figure out how to get those two together more often.

That front court was borderline miserable through four quarters. They were 12 of 44 through four quarters, and the Hawks were still in the game. As long as Woodson is coach, Atlanta is always going to rely on guards too much, but it is nice to know the team can will their way to a draw despite a total no show from the guards. Will Orlando be so kind? I don't know, but I do know Jamal, Joe, and Bibby are not going to do much worse than 12 for 44.