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Dallas Mavericks 111, Atlanta Hawks 103 or tears, just tears

Wasting an effort like that from Josh Smith should be criminal. Charges need to be filed. I have already cried so naturally I have moved to anger. Under nine minutes to go in the fourth and the Hawks were up 15, playing great. Why? Why? Why? And I am crying again.

Lets just bullet point the blame.

  • You know how bad Jamal Crawford is at defense? He is infinitely worse at transition defense.
  • Al Horford missing shots he normally makes and not making up for it on the boards.
  • Dirk.
  • Brendan Haywood wanted it more than any other player. He was dark horse MVP.
  • The non-call on Jason Terry's travel that resulted in a three point play for Haywood. That led to an offensive rebound by Kidd and a three by Terry.
  • Joe Johnson's contested 34 foot three pointer.
  • The overtime where the Hawks didn't show up.
  • Dallas playing better. The Jason Kidd steal on Horford was not Horford's fault. It was good defense. Trust me, I am one to blame the Hawks first always, and they deserve a lot of blame, but Dallas hit their shots. You make the extra pass, you still have to hit the shot, and the Mavs did. They are good.

That last one is to fill in your own. Let the venting begin. You're welcome.

Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade say welcome.

Jason Kidd's "smart" play did not lose it for the Hawks so I am not going to rail it is as cheap or ridiculous or anything like that (although it looked like Woody was off the floor by the time contact happened). The Hawks lost because they allowed an 11 point swing to happen in the fourth quarter. Because they gave up 34 points in the fourth. Because they refused to get back on defense in the first quarter. The Hawks lost because of the Hawks. And if miracle of miracles you can discern the one point that sent the game to overtime and that one point was the technical foul well then you can blame Mike Woodson.

That all being said, if I was going isolate it out of this specific game, that play was the next level beyond flopping. So yea flopping is fine and legal, but it takes a certain type of player to really go for it, to say I plan to win by flopping. And this was the level beyond flopping. Maybe you give Jason Kidd the benefit of the doubt if Kidd was known as a nice guy off the court, but it is well documented that he is not a nice guy. In fact, the documents say he is a complete and total ass. Have fun with your post basketball life Jason.

Loser Dots

  • What is it with Dallas and the Hawks going on enor
  • You are not going to see a streaky first half. You can try, but you won't see on.
  • One of Marion's 28 dunks or layups in the first quarter happened when Jamal Crawford tried to have an easy run out dunk for the Hawks on the Jason Terry shot. Jason Terry didn't shoot it.
  • "What you want from an athletic small forward is 6-7 rebounds and running the floor hard" Hubie Brown on what Marvin Williams should be. I concur. If only Marv got the minutes to get those numbers on a consistent basis.
  • Josh Smith has passes that make you cry happy tears.
  • 34 points in the fourth quarter, no Marvin Williams. Hoopinion first started hammering it, and it is getting ridiculous. I think I need to get credentials just to ask about this. As for now, I will form my opinion which is that it is idiotic.
  • Maybe it is because the crowd often starts so subdued, but announcers talk about Atlanta being a playoff atmosphere a lot considering, you know, the Atlanta crowd apparently sucks.

Go Hawks!