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Phoenix Suns 88, Atlanta Hawks 80 or too many Joe Johnson's



It has become clear more and more, the Hawks can only talk about being elite in this league without blushing if they are turning the ball over in the single digits. They just cannot give the ball up and remain an effective offense. Certain facts are just facts. I can't go to the beach without sunscreen. I don't pretend otherwise. The Hawks should take note. And yes, sometimes I wear a t shirt at the beach to avoid sunscreen. So you may be asking what is the Hawks t-shirt? Well, that would be running.

The shell of Mike Bibby cries out to us all

Depressing watching this on DVR, seeing Mike Bibby hit his second shot attempt of the game and saying "well, I can close the book on Mike for the game." There were 44 minutes left to play. Bibby is like Marvin Williams without any belief that he can go for 20 points anymore. Mike Bibby is basically Bruce Bowen on offense but Bibby can't play defense. I have long believed our starting point guard offers a lot intangibles. His skill at alley oops and selling illegal screens alone are worth at least 15 minutes a game. And in Woody's offense, most nights Bibby's reputation as a three point shooter is a good enough role to be effective. Plus, Mike knows the offense and knows his own weaknesses better than anyone on the team. All true, and in that sense, I am a Bibby supporter. It is not as if we have Steve Nash on the bench....but we do have Jeff Teague. And he has to get some burn. He just has too. Shoot, at the very least, Teague can contest the run out layups.

Give me one Josh Smith, not two Joe Johnsons

People often ask why I like Josh Smith so much. Why I think he is so important. In some sense, Josh Smith had a Joe Johnson night against the Suns. Five boards, 1 assist, 8-15 shooting. The four blocks were the only real Josh-esque stat line. And on the other end of things, Joe had a perfectly good Joe night as well. And the Hawks scored 80 stinking points. When Josh Smith has a Josh Smith night, when he flirts with a 5x5, he transforms games. 20 point scorers don't transform games. Every team has a 20 point scorer. No other team has a Josh Smith. The man can single handedly swing the score ten points without scoring.

Loser Dots

  • Zaza's assist to Joe Smith for a (double clutch?!?) dunk made me happy. Like irrationally, borderline pathetic happy.
  • In the second quarter, on a long miss by Channing Frye, Marvin Williams was tracking the rebound, and instead of skying for the board, he alligator armed the effort. It looked like he was scarred to fill up the box score. Someone needs to burn that onto a DVD and put it in a nutshell.
  • More pick and rolls please.
  • When the offense is struggling, force Marvin Williams to take a shot. That is possible is it not?
  • Al Horford did not have a great night, but he did make the only two shots he took in the fourth quarter.
  • So I guess this game against the Jazz is now important.

Go Hawks!