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Preview and Game Thread #51: Miami Heat @ Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks 09-10 Season Game # 51


@ Atlanta-hawks_medium
Philips Arena
February 10th, 2010, 7:00 PM EST
Fox Sports South, Hawks Radio Network, NBA Audio League Pass
Probable starters:
Rafer Alston
PG Mike Bibby
Dwyane Wade SG Joe Johnson
Quentin Richardson SF Marvin Williams
Michael Beasley PF Josh Smith
Jermaine O'Neal C Al Horford

Hawks Injury Report: Zaza Pachulia, sadly, still out.

Heat Injury Report: Mario Chalmers is out.

Blogging With the Enemy: Peninsular is Mightier

Predicted bane of the Hawks' existence: Michael Beasley. For at least a half, he is always really good against the Hawks.

Game Preview:

Lets see. Dwyane Wade is still all league, and the Heat are still not that great. Dwyane is all league because he combines superb skill with throwing his body around and gives effort on top of effort on both ends of the floor. The difference now though is his frustration with the team. And you don't throw your body around and give all out effort if you are frustrated. It is actually a rule.

If top five player Wade does show up tonight, it should be the same old, same old for the Hawks. Don't give him easy points and make the other guys beat you. Saying the same thing over and over again gets boring but it does not make it less true.

Go Hawks!