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First round of Atlanta Hawks shirts are in!


Everyone's suggestions were great for possible shirt ideas, and I only put in a design today so there is a very fast turnaround. Naturally, I am starting with Zaza material. The first two designs are up in the store. Feed back is welcome on these designs and others. I plan to unveil around one a week. If you have design ideas or critiques on current ones, they are all welcome.

The company that produces the shirts are great, but they are not artists and neither am I. If anyone has even marginal skill in that department, I would love to make one using your work. The guys at Liberty Ballers have this skill, and check out one they did for Eddie Jordan. It seems a Mr. Potato Head/Woody is just screaming to be made. Not to mention Heat Check and something with Mario West.

Now, that you get the idea, I hope you are excited, and maybe even have some good ideas. Obviously I am going to role with a bunch you have already given, but designs on those ideas are always welcome. I am not doing this to make money. I am doing it because it is incredibly easy and am kind of love with the idea. So if you like them, spread the word.