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Hoopinion: Enough is enough with the whole Horford treatment

<strong>Keeping it real.</strong>
Keeping it real.

From the tireless Bret LaGree, who has apparently had more than his fill of benching Al Horford with two fouls in the first half.

Intellectually indefensible and emotionally disturbing, how has The Horford Treatment actually affected the Atlanta Hawks this season...    

Bret goes on to detail every single instance that Drew has essentially fouled out Horford in the first half and the are every bit as frustrating as watching the team's fourth or fifth best big man play important minutes so that Horford can finish the game with, at most times, 4 fouls or less.

Our take: I don't see ANY benefit to this strategy, especially when it seems to do the one thing that the strategy is trying to avoid---losing Horford for the game. Seems to me, especially in the first quarter scenarios, that benching him for 12-16 minutes is far worse than maybe losing him for the last 2 or 3 minutes....I mean, how can that be worth maybe Horford getting a third foul in the first half? Nobody gets this.