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Atlanta Hawks News and Notes From the Bradley Center

Better late than never:

The Real MC updates Al Horford's hand injury in his post game blog post:

Al continues to get it done despite his sore right hand. It was really swollen after the game and Horford said he plans to get an MRI tomorrow after X-rays were negative. "I know I look fine out there but it’s tough," he said. "When I stop playing it feels OK but as soon as I get back out there it’s hurting."

Hold your breath because the last Hawks game I was able to goto was the day they announced Joe Johnson was having surgery. I will be in the building tonight and I don't want any such announcements about Horford.

MC also added this about Mike Bibby and Jeff Teague

Bibby struggled for the second straight game. Teague replaced him late in the third quarter and Bibby didn’t return. L.D. mentioned Bibby was one of the guys who needed the holiday break so maybe he’s worn down.

If that is in fact the case, then 41 minutes for Bibby in New Orleans the other night makes even less sense. 

Hoopinion's Bret LaGree on the Hawks turnovers:

Even without Brandon Jennings around to pressure defensively and penetrate offensively, the Hawks turned the ball over too often and were too porous on the defensive perimeter. Milwaukee only managed to turn 17 Atlanta turnovers into 10 points.

Jeremy Schmidt of Bucksketball outlines the athletic differences in the Hawks and the Bucks:

At any level of basketball, superior talent and athletic ability does not always win out.  At some levels it does, grade school, middle school and high school come to mind, but this is the NBA you’re reading about.  If gathering athleticism were all it took to win games, the league would look drastically different.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to have the physical edge though.  In terms of athletic ability, their was a significant difference between the Bucks and Hawks Monday night.

Alex Boeder of Brew Hoop chronicles the Bucks struggles at home and against Atlanta. 

Milwaukee fell to 7-7 at home after an absolute drubbing at the claws of the Hawks, a team that in almost its exact same shape and form got the better of the Bucks after 12 head-to-head matchups in the calendar year: The Hawks broke a six-game Salmons-spurred win streak last spring in the first matchup of 2010, they beat the Bucks in Game One, and they trounced Milwaukee the last time they visited Milwaukee. This one most resembled that last one, unfortunately.

Jeremy Schmidt once again discusses the Bucks effort

Instead, Milwaukee’s effort was as lethargic as it has been all year in a 95-80 loss to the Hawks.  Just how flat-footed and slow moving were the Bucks?  Jason Collins grabbed 12 rebounds.  The slow-footed, defensive minded, limited minute big man last grabbed more than 10 rebounds on February 19, 2008.  My goodness.

Rather than placing all of the blame on Milwaukee, I for one think Twin deserves just a little bit of credit for his performance.