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A Pape Sy Update And Could Jordan Crawford Be Joining Him in the D-League?

As I am sure you have already heard, Michael Cunningham reports that the Hawks are considering sending Jordan Crawford to the Utah Flash of the NBA D-League. 

"There has been some talk about it," Hawks coach Larry Drew said. "We are certainly going to keep our options open with our young guys [and] putting them in situations where they can get some playing time instead of practicing every day and just being with the team. I would rather them be somewhere playing, where they are learning, where they can get some experience."

As Bret at Hoopinion points out, the Hawks aren't exactly using Jordan these days. 

He's played in just 2 of the last 17 games, for just under 12 minutes, and has been inactive for 9 of the last 14 games as you never know when you might need to use Mo Evans and Damien Wilkins or Jason Collins and Etan Thomas at the same time.

With the team as healthy as it has been all season, I don't think it would be a bad thing to let Jordan go log some minutes for the Utah Flash along with Pape Sy. The Hawks have already sent Nick Van Exel to Utah along with Sy and the two could use the time to get some specialized work in. I wouldn't think that Crawford would be in for as long a stint as Sy as his game is much more NBA ready. Still it would be better to see him on the court rather than in a suit. He could always rejoin the Hawks in the event of an injury or even a trade which could open the door to some playing time. 

Utah Flash coach Kevin Young tweeted today that Rick Sund has been in Utah at practice this week. 

"It's been good having Rick Sund, Hawks GM, at practice this week. Great to have his insight and support for the @utahflash"

I asked coach Young about Sy today and he had this to say in two tweets. 

"Long! He has showed some good signs. Once he gets more comfortable with our guys and what we do here he will be tough." "He can really get to the basket. And with his length he should be able to be a very good defender"

Sy showed a knack for getting to the basket in limited action during summer league. The Flash will play their next game on January 1st against the Bakersfield Jam.