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All I Want for Christmas (12" Atlanta Hawks Remix)

<strong>Ho. Ho. Ho.</strong>
Ho. Ho. Ho.

Apologies to those who clicked in here hoping to hear me break it down in the clubs and download a track. Believe me, I'm doing you a favor by not providing that.

No, 'tis the season to be hopeful and to ask for things that previously had seemed impossible to attain. I am not asking for any Ferrari here, I just have a simple list of items that I want my beloved Atlanta Hawks to provide.

All I want for Christmas is.... see Larry Drew permanently abandon the Horford Treatment.

...for Josh Smith take another significant step forward in his on-court maturation...and to not let weaker defenders who can't handle him off the hook by launching a jump shot. see the draft become more than just a reason to gather at the Hawks offices annually, to embrace the power of quality, young, efficient, productive,, contractually controlled talent.

...Jeff Teague finds more in common with Rodney Stuckey than Acie Law. have Al Horford make his second consecutive all-star game and for him to develop an edge to him that will give him a level of aggression and prevent a permanently passive big man.

...and for the Hawks to see Horford as their best player (and one of the top players in the league) and treat him like it (translation: more usage). for Joe Johnson to be more Ray Allen and less Michael Finley at this stage in his career.

...Zaza getting back his mojo...caring more about taking it to the other team and less about being on the cover of GQ.

...Marvin Williams: Sixth Man of the Year.

...have Mike Bibby to be able to keep up his ridiculous 60% eFG the rest of the season...and to be able to post one more season like it before his career turns to dust. 

...Mike Woodson turning up on an NBA bench...soon.

...for the Hawks to get something meaningful in a deal for Jamal Crawford if the team is planning to let him walk. 

...for the franchise to stop treating the bench like a 2.99 DVD bin and more like a weapon to win games.

...for the Highlight Factory to be packed up every game, and get loud. Really loud. not give the nation an easy reason to disregard this team again...and if they do, to prove them wrong.

...for Hawks ownership and management to make moves that signify that they are ready to be one of "those" franchises that every fanbase admires for consistently making the right basketball moves. In short, be like the Spurs. get past that stinkin' second round of the playoffs.



Exit Question: It's doable, right? But this is surely an incomplete list....So what would be under your Atlanta Hawks tree this year?